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It seems like every week you hear a new story about how “young people these days” aren’t interested in cars.  Even car magazines are going out of business, one by one.  Nobody can quite agree on the reason — maybe cars are just too expensive, too complicated.  “Young people these days” would rather have the latest electronic gadget than a shiny set of wheels, or maybe hanging out on Facebook is easier than driving around together and getting in trouble.  Yeah, that’s it — maybe the problem is them.

Or maybe the problem is that we didn’t teach them to love cars the way we do.


infoGuide started out as a brand new way to use our mobile development skills to share our passion for classic cars.  We’ve since developed infoGuide into our current offering –  a series of mobile guides to classic cars. Our first one in the series is the “Classic GTO Guide powered by infoGuide”. Read more about it on our “Mobile Apps” page.

We hope you’ll become a part of the infoGuide community and help us share our passion and love for classic cars with each other.

Best Regards,

the infoGuide Apps family

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