Car show in Mead, CO

Here in Colorado, we have four official seasons (Bitter Cold, Snow & Rain, Blazing Hot, and Pleasant in the Daytime), but it’s one of the unofficial seasons I’m excited about: Car Season.  That magical time of year when the weather is finally nice enough to get that classic car / sports car / motorcycle / etc. out of the garage and out on the road.  Of course, that also means outdoor car shows, which is good news for infoGuide.  To supplement the pictures we’ve gotten from our partners, we will be visiting even more outdoor car shows than usual this year, and taking pictures ourselves of the cars we want to feature in the first infoGuide.

First up this year is the town car show in Mead, CO.  For a small town off the Interstate, Mead actually has a pretty good show going on.

'76 Chevy Cosworth Vega
’76 Chevy Cosworth Vega

This was a neat car to see in the flesh: an original Cosworth Vega.  Aside from pro-stock-style drag Vegas — which Mead actually also had an example of — I wonder how many non-Cosworth Vegas survive?

’68 Mercury Cyclone fastback

This was a car I was very happy to see: the infoGuide to Muscle Cars is going to need it, and I don’t see Mercury Cyclones every day.  The owner looked like some sort of hard-core biker-pirate, but he was one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, was happy to lower the hood so I could get a better shot, and he actually thanked me for taking pictures of his car!  Later on I heard him fire this car up, and the warmed-up 428FE he had dropped in sounded like it was trying to break free from the engine bay so it could go destroy the town.  What a sound!

Max Wedge 426

Speaking of engines, here was a Max Wedge sitting in a ’64 Dodge Polara.  While infoGuide is focused on automotive styling, I still love engines and I was powerless to resist the allure of this monster.

’67 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396

Here was another car whose owner was as friendly a person as I could hope to meet.  He said he had 8 cars, a lifestyle I can appreciate, several of them Chevelles.  He actually bought an LS6 Chevelle new, but it was too much of a handful for his wife so he sold it after one year and 5300 miles.  He, and his retirement portfolio, both rather regret that!

Well, that’ll do for now.  Have you checked out our new demo video yet?

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    Great cars.

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    I like the ‘Wedge.’

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