Early Mustang Guide mobile app is HERE – Holiday Sale


The “Early Mustang Guide powered by infoGuide” mobile app is here! Now available in the Google Play and App Store, the “Mustang Guide” (for short), is the mobile reference guide for early Ford Mustang enthusiasts.

Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas with the infoGuide Apps’ Holiday Sale!


From now until January 5, 2016, the “Early Mustang Guide powered by infoGuide” mobile app is only $3.99, regular price is $5.99. Wow! That’s a savings of over 30%! Even at the regular price, the Mustang Guide mobile app is a bargain.

The Mustang Guide is the fun way to learn about your favorite early Ford Mustangs. This easy to use guide will let you:

– Enjoy over 350 pictures and descriptions covering all 10 years of the early Ford Mustang, from 1964 1/2 to 1973, and all special early Mustangs, from the Sprint 200 to the Shelby GT500
– Tell the difference at a glance between model years of Mustangs
– Break down Mustangs by year, and other defining characteristics
– Collect your own sightings of early Mustangs in the in-app Spottings Journal


The in-app Spottings Journal is a new feature debuting for the first time ever in the infoGuide car apps series. Now, you can take pictures of the early Mustangs you spot — at a show, on the street, wherever you are, and save them in your own personal Spottings Journal.

Get all the info about early Ford Mustangs at your fingertips. And if you purchase one before January 5, 2016, you will save over 30% off the regular price.

We here at infoGuide Apps worked really hard to bring you the “Early Mustang Guide” mobile app. We’ve schlepped all over the country taking pictures, wrote all the original content, and programmed for months: just for YOU, and it’s all been worth it! We are proud of our latest offering. We hope you will enjoy using the Mustang Guide. And please, leave us a review in the App Store or Google Play market and let us know how we’re doing. Reviews encourage more people to purchase the app, and constructive feedback helps us to improve the app for you!

Thanks for being a loyal customer.

Happy Holidays,
the infoGuide Apps family

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