infoGuide: Muscle Cars App – See the Video

At long last, we have posted our demo app video!

The biggest problem we’ve had so far with getting people excited about our app is just explaining what it does. We tell people that “infoGuide: Muscle Cars” is an interactive field guide to classic American Muscle Cars, and that it helps you learn about muscle cars by categories like make, model, and year. However, that still doesn’t seem descriptive enough. Since there’s not really many apps out there that are similar to ours, we can’t just tell people it’s “like app such-and-such, but for cars.”  App such-and-such doesn’t exist, and even if it did, ours would be better 🙂

The video is still a little rough.  We will probably try to re-record it once we get a better microphone in order to improve the sound quality, and as you can see, infoGuide isn’t complete with pretty colors and cool fonts yet.  That’s okay — the main draw is the content, which is coming along nicely.

Do you like our app idea and would like to stay informed as we make progress?

infoGuide is a big project, one that we won’t complete without help.  So far, we’ve gotten a few classic car dealerships to help us out by agreeing to let us use their pictures.  Visit their websites, and maybe buy a car from them if you’re in the market:

American Dream Machines

Classic Cars of SC, Inc.

Gesswein Motors

MJC Classic Cars

Sports Car Gallery of Beaver Falls

We hope you’ll also become a part of our community.  Come back and visit us soon!

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  1. Jim
    Jim at |

    I like the app you are developing. Thanks for the update.

  2. Teri
    Teri at |

    Very nice clip but sound dropped off about midway.

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