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The classic Pontiac GTO is the original muscle car. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy to use mobile guide to these iconic cars? That time has come!

The “Classic GTO Guide powered by infoGuide”, the first app in the infoGuide series of classic car mobile apps, is available for download.

Get the app on the App Store and Google Play now.

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The Classic GTO Guide powered by infoGuide, is the fun way to learn about your favorite classic Pontiac GTOs. This easy to use guide breaks down GTOs by year, and other defining characteristics. Lots of pictures and descriptions accompany every car. Tell the difference at a glance between model years of GTOs using the side by side comparison feature on the info screen! Impress your friends with your newfound knowledge!

The infoGuide classic car series provides the tools a car enthusiast needs to become an expert all in the palm of their hand. Before you know it, you will be an expert too 🙂

Also, our newest infoGuide is now available on the App Store and Google Play. Download the “Early Mustang Guide” powered by infoGuide today!


What makes the infoGuide series of classic car mobile apps different from other classic car mobile apps?

Lots of original, exclusive content

  • Thousands of high quality pictures taken by the infoGuide family, available through multiple guides planned for release this year
  • Original descriptions written by our own in-house car expert
  • The content is NOT just a bunch of links to wikipedia (Though Wikipedia contributors have helped, they represent a small minority of our content 🙂 )

Great resouce for learning about classic cars

  • Our mobile apps are complete reference guides to your favorite model cars. When we say “Classic GTO Guide”, we mean ALL the years of the classic Pontiac GTO, not just a handful of the model years
  • The innovative info screen helps you learn the differences between model years of cars
  • Use it to identify a car seen “in the wild,” or just browse through all the cars we have available
Example of info screen
Example of info screen

Quality mobile app that’s fast and convenient

  • Portable — A constant wifi connection is not required for the app to work; only to update it
  • Fast and responsive — not like a web page
  • Updates when YOU want to — you’re not using up all your monthly data plan



These are the reference materials used in creating the “Classic GTO Guide” app.

We’re working hard to provide a valuable resource to the classic car community through our mobile apps. So, if you’re interested in these books, would you please help us out by buying them through the links on our site? 🙂

We do get a commission on books sold (at no additional cost to you). And yes, we know they’re not on Amazon, but we can’t join their affiliate program because we live in Colorado. Barnes and Noble is a great company, too. Thanks for your support!

Encyclopedia of American Cars
Encyclopedia of American Cars
V-8 Engines 1906-2002
V-8 Engines 1906-2002












American V-8 Engine 1949-1974
Standard Catalog of Pontiac 1926-2002
Standard Catalog of Pontiac 1926-2002











American Car Spotter's Bible 1940-1980
American Car Spotter’s Bible 1940-1980