My ’62 Microbus

Vui with '62 VW Microbus
Vui with ’62 VW Microbus

Today was a big day. I finally got the Volkswagen Microbus I’d been dreaming of!  Of course, it is only a 1/43 scale Microbus, but you have to start somewhere. Obtaining this model car was literally years in the making. Occasionally we’ll find model Microbuses here and there, at car shows or even in the toy section of our local Walmart or Target, but they were always covered in “hippie crap”. Not that I have anything against hippies! All I wanted was just a small, simple model car with fine details and without “peace signs” and other “hippie graffiti” all over it. Was that too hard to ask? Now I have one. 🙂

Although my husband, Eric, is a much more serious car enthusiast than me, I do have a soft spot for Microbuses. That, and Airstreams help me envision a day when we can travel across the U.S. someday, camping and fishing as we go. Here’s to our dreams!

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