New infoGuide Demo Video Coming Soon!

The first challenge we have when introducing infoGuide is explaining what it is, and how it works.  We usually tell people it’s a “mobile field guide for classic cars,” which is a good description, but doesn’t really explain much.  If we can elaborate, we say that infoGuide helps the user classify something by showing them a series of pictures and text, and letting them narrow down what they’re seeing.  As in, the user will look at pictures of Fords, and decide the car in front of them isn’t a Ford, so they look at Chevys, where they decide that it’s a Chevy, so they can then go look at the models of Chevrolet which it might be.

Still, though, it’s a lot better if we can show you what infoGuide is.  Since you’re not here in my den with me, I can’t whip out my phone and walk you through an infoGuide, so we’ll have to do the next best thing: make a video, and post it here.

Videos take a lot of work, though, and the first thing we had to do was get some pictures for the infoGuide we were going to make.  Fortunately, we managed to get the help of a few classic car dealerships who generously agreed to let us use their pictures:
MJC Classic Cars, Classic Cars of SC, Inc., Sports Car Gallery of Beaver Falls, Gesswein Motors, and American Dream Machines.

A big shout out to those dealers!  Check out their websites, and consider buying a car from them, or maybe just send them a jar full of money.

And, check back here often to see a video of our app as soon as we get it done and posted on our website. Better yet, sign up for our blog, and you’ll get an email when new blog posts come out, so you won’t miss any developments!

-Eric out

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