Eric Richardson


Eric is our CEO. He has over ten years of experience working as a Systems and Integration engineer with Lockheed-Martin. Eric is our subject matter expert and a rabid classic car enthusiast, the result of many years of reading car books and magazines, and visiting car museums and shows.  Eric also manages our product development, writes algorithms, collects and manages our data, takes tons of pictures, and a million other things.  If you are riding with him while he is driving, and he sees something like a Corvair or TR6 or Datsun 2000 drive by, you should go ahead and grab the wheel because he will totally take his eyes off the road to look at the cool car.



Vui Nguyen


Vui (pronounced “vooey nwen”) is our CTO and head programmer.  Vui is a Denver, CO native.  She has over fifteen years of experience as a software developer, including stints with Lockheed-Martin and Raytheon.  She has run her own freelance consulting business, Sunfish Empire, since 2009, and is an Appcelerator Titan. She is the technical wizard behind our app programming, and our website.  She has big dreams of someday owning a classic station wagon / Airstream trailer combo, and traveling America with her husband, catching fish in all 50 states.


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